Updated: Jul 23, 2018

An afternoon with an M series BMW? How could you say no? With a glimpse, the distinction between the M2 and the 2 Series is clear. Aggressive styling, flared guards concealing 19-inch rims, 10 inches wide in the rear and M adorned brakes with drilled rotors.

There are two models on offer, the M2 and M2 Pure, the major difference being, the former features a 7-Speed dual clutch transmission and adaptive LED headlights which, in the later, are replaced by a 6-speed manual box and bi-xenon’s. The Pure also switches the electric seat for manual, and drops the harman/kardon and access systems.

Stepping inside, it’s classic BMW styling and appointment, set apart from the standard garb by accented ‘open-pore’ Carbon Fibre and blue stitching, seemingly everywhere. There’s also a welcome update to iDrive 6, including an 8.8-inch touch screen. The electric seats are worth a mention, offering a wide range of adjustability with some excellent side support, definitely appreciated when things get lively. The backseat is surprisingly comfortable for coupe of this size, unsurprisingly however is once over 6ft you’ll be pushed for comfort on a longer journey. At 390L the boot space is generous and functional, particularly if used as a daily drive or on a longer journey; the ‘thru’ loading system is also an option if you frequent our southern slopes.

Now the drive. I’m going to cut to the chase, despite my reservations, this is one of the most entertaining and enjoyable drives around, a classic. The engine and chassis are sublime, very quickly inspiring confidence and remaining composed even with mid-corer creases or poor-quality back roads. The feel and feedback are fantastic making it easy to drive fast, which it is, and while the ride is stiff, it’s easily comfortable enough to use as a daily drive. The rear driven 3-litre turbo straight 6 is wonderfully predicable and responsive, anything over 3000rpm is lag free, mid-range torque is strong all the way to 7000rpm+. Producing 272kW and 465Nm, 500Nm with ‘overboost’, the dual clutch achieves 0-100km\h in just 4.3 seconds with the manual only a couple of tenths slower and the accompanying soundtrack, well, the smile is hard to remove. The symphony; the snarl on the upshift, the burble on deceleration are simply a first-rate accompaniment. The M2 is the complete package and we consider it a classic in the making!

Massive thanks to Rolfe Classic BMW Phillip for the lend. For more info head on over to their website or visit them 2 Botany St, Phillip ACT 2606

Words by #Greg