For as long as I can remember I have taken care of my skin by exfoliating and moisturising daily and always applied sunscreen. My skin seems to be in good condition, apart from blackheads on my nose and the occasional flare up of dry skin on my inner cheek. After doing some online research, I booked into the CAPS Clinic for a full skin analysis to see if they offer any advice and/or treatment options.

On arrival for my appointment I completed an initial consult form. Soon afterwards, I was taken to the treatment room. Sal (a University qualified Dermal Clinician) performed an assessment with the naked eye, then a woods lamp (a black lamp used with lights turned out). The woods lamp showed that my skin was in good health with some typical oil distribution and minor sun damage. Sal then discussed with me the in-clinic exfoliation options.

Sal informed the potential benefits of a lactic peel being; texture, hydration, plumping and brightening of the skin. The benefits of the Healite (LED treatment) included; healing, rejuvenation - increase in fibroblast activity (collagen and elastin production), engagement of immune cells, and temporary increased blood flow (increased nutrient and oxygen delivery). I decided on both the Lactic Peel and Healite LED treatment.

The lactic peel was first up. My face was given a clean with a deep cleanser along with some other minor prep work before the lactic was applied and left on for around 10 minutes. After this time a solution was applied to neutralise the activity of the peel followed by a cool compress. It was then time for the Healite. On with the goggles to protect my eyes before the lamp was switched on for 13 minutes. Following my treatment a hydrating, antibacterial oil was applied and I was advised to ensure to always apply an appropriate SPF to protect the skin during the daylight hours – especially following my treatment.

I didn't feel any discomfort with either of the peel or the Healite, I was very comfortable resting in the leather reclining chair. This would be a great ‘walk in’ treatment as there is little to no downtime. Sal advised, In some cases the skin may become slightly dry or flaky in the days following the treatment (as skin cell turnover has been encouraged). I experienced dry skin for a day or so after mine.

It’s been a few weeks since the treatment and my skin is still feeling great and the blackheads have not yet returned. If you think you could do with a treatment yourself, I would highly recommend the CAPS clinic


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