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Googong Cascades is Canberra’s best kept secret, and we can guarantee it will take the

place of your #1 swimming spot this summer.

Summer is finally upon us and it is hot, really hot. December in the capital is known to be sweltering, and Canberrans by nature are armed with a plethora of their favourite watering holes to hit when the temperatures are high.

What to expect...

The water is crystal clear and surprisingly warmer than its’ Murrumbidgee counterparts West

of Canberra. The Cascades are framed by perfectly smooth rocks from years of water wear

and offers some remarkable picnic spots.

Only a 30 minute drive from Canberra’s city centre, Googong Cascades are a section of the

Queanbeyan River downstream of the Googong dam wall. The cascades are a beautiful

part of a wider wildlife refuge where native plants and animals are protected.

What to bring?

● A picnic

● A few beers

● Inflatables

● Fishing is permitted here, but check fishing regulations first.

● Leave your pooch at home for this adventure, there are no dogs permitted in the

nature reserve.

Don’t forget - Pack out what you pack in. Bring an extra bag to collect your rubbish. This is

a wild swimming area, and there are no bins, toilets, or cooking facilities.

Want more?

You will see thrill seekers jumping off high rocks into the deepest pool at the centre of the

cascades. The path to the jumping rock lies to the right of the lookout. After something

more family friendly? The bottom pool is large and slow-flowing, perfect for floating!

Get there!

From the Township of Googong, drive along Googong Road towards the Rangers Station.

Travelling along the same road, you will enter the park through the gates and continue

downhill until you see the sign on the left of the road pointing towards the ‘Cascades’. Turn

left here and take your first right to enter into the car park of the Googong Pump Station.

Park and continue on foot towards the river. You will be met with a fork in the path, to

which either direction will lead you to the Cascades in less than 100 metres.

FYI: This is not a water catchment area, and swimming is allowed at the risk of the

participant. Always check for road closures and weather conditions prior to departure.

Googong map and trail Guide PDF

Author: #C_ARMIT