Updated: Mar 30

Photography, Film Production, Graphic Design, Content Management, Event Management, Marketing Support, Art Installation, Pat Rose does it all and does it so well.

He was the brain behind The Chop Shop, heavily involved with the success of UC Life, HaHa, La De Da Bar & Art Not Apart throughout the years and more recently involved with City Renewal CBR.

We caught up with the Pat for this weeks #MCM

What's your nickname? PR. Pat, Paddy, Rosey, or on a very rare occasion The Undertaker

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

PR. Extreme annoyance may occur when exposed to papyrus or comic sans

If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go? PR. Banff, Canada, Slush cup is on and I'm missing some friends.

If you were a woman for a day, what's one thing you would you do? PR. Demand the same pay I had the day before

If you got stuck in an elevator and were forced to listen to only one song, what would it be? PR. Waves by Miguel, preferably the Tame Impala Remix

If you had visitors, what Canberra attraction would you say can't be missed? PR. Bar Rochford, followed by Knightsbridge Penthouse.

Where do you go for your favourite meal in Canberra? PR. Au Lac - Laksa for days

What is one thing that irritates you about Canberra? PR. The people afraid of change, "it's how it's always been" types - Like that's a good excuse for things to stay shitty (they've been here one generation max, it ain't exactly a rich cultural heritage)

What's your favourite getaway within the surrounding region? PR. Perisher - Ride or die baby (Sorry Thredbo)

What's the last event you attended in Canberra? PR. Sound and Fury - Amazing event by Chenoeh

What's your Netflix recommendation?

PR. Devilman Crybaby - You're in for a ride

Beach or Snow?

PR. Snow

Early Bird or Night Owl?

PR. Night Owl

Burger or Pizza? PR. Burger

Sweet or Savoury?

PR. Savoury

Pushups or Pullups?

PR. Pushups

North or South side?

PR. North

If you could jump into a pool full of something what would it be? PR. A Jameson (whisky) and amaretto sour with giant cherry floaties