Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Having already smashed out 2,200km of his 2,500km Burley Man fundraising target and cultivating a lush growth on his face that other men would be envious of, Josh Dundas was struck with a torn quadricep and broken ankle, which unfortunately prevented him from completing his challenge.

Fast-forward 16 months and Josh is ready for retribution. This time he has set out to raise much needed funds for local mental health charity Menslink by running from Clovelly (Sydney, NSW) to Canberra over 6 days at the end of June.

As you would expect, committing to a challenge like this requires some major training and commitment. Josh’s training includes time in the gym (resistance training) and daily running, which incorporates hill runs (Mt Ainslie, Black Mt, Cooleman Ridge and Namadgi). Next month he will shift he focus to the bitumen which is where he will spend most of his 6 days during the challenge.

Whilst raising funds for Menslink is a huge part of the challenge, raising awareness is just as important. For over 10 years Menslink has been supporting 12-25 year old men through tough times by providing free long-term mentoring, short-term intensive counselling and educational programs.

Josh knows the value and support Menslink can provide. During his 2016 challenge (which was already extremely tough), tragedy struck with the sudden loss of one of Josh’s very close friends, although he was fortunate enough to have a support network of dedicated friends and family, he understands the crucial gap Menslink fill when these kinds of networks don’t exist and ultimately how they help develop young men to being positive contributors to society.

Josh is certainly not afraid of pushing his physical limits. Aside from his fundraising challenges he has participated in various half marathons/ultra-marathons. ‘One of the most challenging was called Inward Bound’, Josh says. Based on World War 2 survivalist training and intended for downed pilots, the event starts with teams of four being disoriented, blindfolded and transported to a remote location in the Canberra region. After arriving (which is generally in the middle of the night), the teams use simple map-and-compass navigation techniques to determine their location before racing against other teams, 35-100 km to a set destination.

Without a doubt, Josh is an inspirational Gentleman and certainly deserves support and recognition for his amazing efforts. Josh has received support from Capital Brewing Co, ANUAFC – the ANU Griffins, SIHQ an up and coming mental health technology support company and local graphic designer Rowan Marsh-Croft who turned Josh’s vision into this logo.

You can also show your support, whether it’s through donation, spreading the word, joining in on one of Josh’s training runs or running alongside Josh for the Clovelly to Canberra run. You can find out more information and contact Josh here