Summer is well and truly here, the season of outdoor entertaining with hot days and balmy nights certainly calls for a more refreshing approach to drinks. Our friend Angus Raddon from Blackhearts & Sparrows has given us a low down on his seasonal sips for this Summer.


Sour beers have made a huge come back in the craft beer world, somewhere between a beer and a cider in taste, they have a refreshing quality that can’t be beat on a hot day. Although it is one of the oldest styles of beer in the world, modern sour beers now come in almost every flavour you can think of, from fruits to herbs and spices. I suggest trying Stomping Grounds range of sours, passionfruit, guava, or watermelon, or for a less fruity style, try Wildflower made in Marrickville.


For a long time cider has had a bad name of being the sweeter cousin of beer that’s enjoyed by a younger crowd, however, with the craft beer resurgence, Australia has also seen a boom in dry, fruit forward ciders that will suit any palate. I recommend Willie Smith from the Huon valley in Tasmania. This cider has an incredible taste of fresh apples, while maintaining a refreshing acidity.


Made form the lemon like yuzu fruit, native to Japan, yuzushu is currently having its moment in the spotlight. Commonly made form a sake base, yuzushu is a lower alcohol alternative to other spirits. Think old fashioned lemonade taste, its best served chilled straight on ice, or with a splash of soda to make an easy spritz. I recommend Imada Fukucho or Tsuru Yuzushu, however whatever you can get your hands on should work.

4. GIN

It seems like almost every week there is a new Australian gin being released, and I’m not complaining, because of the flexibility with ingredients, there are endless possibilities with the flavours that can be produced, because of this many people are opting for a lighter style of tonic water (try fever tree Mederteranian tonic), or even subbing it our completely for soda. I recommend Patient Wolf for a more citrus forward gin, or mountain gin for a fresh herbal style.


An older style of sparkling wine, that has made a huge comeback along with the “natural” wine movement. They will often be cloudy, funky, and range from lightly spritz, to overflowing with carbonation. Either way they are refreshing AF, and can have more full on fruit flavours then a lot of champagnes and other traditionally made sparkling wines. I recommend Delinquente from the Riverlands as a good entry lever pet nat, or Manon Wild Nature for any pet nat aficionados.

All seasonal sips are available from Blackhearts & Sparrows which you can get 7 days a week.

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