Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Local CanBERRÄN creative Josh Beck works in IT, studies web design, loves sport, travel and the idea of giving back to the Canberran community. Josh recently launched ‘BERRÄN’, not only as a way to express his creative side but also to contribute back to the community, with 20 per cent of all sales donated to a local charity each month.

Influenced by mates who were showcasing their creativity and inspired by the exciting energy Canberra has surrounding new brands and products, Josh saw a niche in the market that wasn’t being filled.

Fearful at first, Josh built up the courage and with the support and drive from his mates, put the wheels in motion. The result, a sleek, modern, stylish, practical and very affordable slim wallet.

What’s next for BERRÄN? Whilst nothing is set in stone, a unisex accessory is on the cards. If it’s anything like the slim wallet it will be a solid product.

Watch this space….