Updated: Mar 30

Forced to rest at home in 2017 with a broken leg from a snowboarding accident, Canberra local James Churches came up with an idea. It started off with a print to order model which he wasn't happy with, so he took some time away and managed Shorty's bar in the city. With little time to run a side business, he took up a new role and was able to again focus on his plan.

2019 was when it felt right to give Guilty Apparel the full attention it deserved. James reached out to a number of manufacturers. The first to respond, turned out to be the one he was keen to work with. After the rigorous and time consuming task of sampling products, he was finally happy with the Tall Tee. 95% cotton 5% spandex, and selling out fast.

The cooler months of Canberra will be here before we know it, and Guilty Apparel will cater to your winter wardrobe - with plans of a beanie, unisex long sleeve shirt and a female cropped jumper.