Updated: Mar 11

Matt Hallam, and his brother, Charlie, started collecting watches at 18. Between them, they now have about 50 watches in their collection.

‘We’ve always had an interest in watches. Not only the way they look and feel but the way they’re made and the statement they add to any outfit.’

They’d been on the hunt for the ‘perfect watch’ for years with no luck. Following the passing of someone very dear to them both, Matt and Charlie realised just how precious, and uncontrollable time was. This impactful time in their lives was the catalyst in them fulfilling their long time dream of creating their own watch brand.

‘How much better can it get then creating every aspect of your own watch and branding with your surname? That’s exactly what we did!’

The design of their first collection, the MC, is mostly a hybrid of all the favourite watches they’ve collected over the years.

Despite being identical twins, Matt and Charlie have their own styles, which also means they had a different creative flair during the design of the MC. Like most brothers, it took a while to agree on the final design, with plenty of sketches being sent back and forth and a few heated conversations but they kept at it and compromised until they’d created a watch they could wear with pride.

‘Whilst branching out and trying to break into the ‘fashion’ industry is a huge risk and at times daunting, we believe in ourselves, our watches and our passion. We figure, better to try and fail then to not try at all.’

‘The creation of Hallam Watches has been a massive achievement and bucket list item that we are very happy to have achieved.’

Matt and Charlie Hallam are now working on a new design to add to Hallam Watches. The ACE collection will be hitting their website mid-2020!


Author: #MattieGould