We recently caught up (digitally of course) with Jack from Prism Coffee Company to find out more about Canberra’s newest coffee roasters.

So how’d it all start?

As with any coffee lover, roasting our own coffee is something we have always been dreaming! Specifically Prism, we spent the back end of 2019 making that dream become a reality.

What’s your coffee journey been? (Pretty sure you guys have been around the Canberra coffee scene for a while).

We have all spent plenty of time working in the coffee industry. Whether that be cafes, different coffee roasters, or companies. As a result of our experiences in the industry, we collectively came to a simple conclusion, that coffee should be easy. Easy to drink, easy to appreciate, and easy to share with your mates. We’ve created Prism to be the easiest, most-user friendly coffee for everyone!

Tell us about your roasting machine.

Our coffee roaster is an old workhorse, made by Probat in 1994, it’s a 12kg beast. We’ve spent months modifying and refining it, and we now know it inside and out. It’s the lifeblood of our company, our totem.

What are Prism’s plans for the future?

We are focused on the simple things. Roasting amazing coffee, providing easy and personable service to our customers, and building a community around what we love, Prism Coffee!

You can currently order through their website for some contactless home delivery.


Author: #MattieGould