Updated: Jun 3

Wattle St Apparel is more than just a clothing brand, it’s about creating a space in the Canberra community for people to open up about mental health. Greg doesn’t just want to sell hats, he wants to save lives.

Greg, the founder of Wattle St Apparel, has been through a lot; both losing friends and relatives to suicide, and through his own personal battles with mental health. Growing up in Young, NSW, he found it hard to open up and talk about how he was feeling and it was only since moving to Canberra, that he has been able to find his own voice, and talk about his past.

Now he’s opened up and felt the benefits, he wants to create a space where he can raise awareness for mental health and help others open up too. Five years ago, he had the idea for starting Wattle St Apparel, but a combination of doubt and a lack of support held him back. Now he’s taken the plunge and launched the brand with a sense of enthusiasm, energy and optimism that is present throughout the instagram page, website and blog.

In addition to creating awareness, Greg has plans to launch a podcast, talking to local people, including athletes, about mental health and is looking for more opportunities for people to speak up, connect, and listen.

The current range of Wattle St Apparel products have a simple and classic style and Greg hopes that one day the brand can become a beacon for mental health.


Author: #MattieGould