Updated: Jun 1

‘COVID-19’ the virus that’s stopped the world. All non-essential services have been forced to close down with no reopening date. With gyms being a non-essential service, majority of people are out of work and forced to stay home it’s going to be tougher then ever to stay in shape and maintain your fitness. Park gyms have been roped off and $1,000 on the spot fines are being given out by police to anyone caught using them. Online gym equipment suppliers are in high demand and most are out of stock and on back order for months to come. If you don’t already have a home gym set up with the works, you maybe stuck with your training and stressing about how you’re going to keep training in this environment. At a time like this, you need to keep an open mind and embrace a new style of training. Who knows, you may even enjoy it!

When you step into a commercial gym what you will see is the majority of people in there training are using the cardio machines, power racks or resistance machines and that’s all they’re used to and know. Luckily, if you’re inexperienced in body weight training and don’t have a mind for creating fun and exciting workouts with minimal to no equipment, There’s many personal trainers who have moved their business’ online and are still offering their services.

Recommended local fitness services you can contact:

- Online body weight and KB/DB only weekly programming and nutrition

Instagram: @candybar_fitness

- Home Gym 1 on 1 Personal training

Instagram: @rtpt_

- Zoom training, programing and nutrition

Instagram: @_becbennett

Staying motivated during this pandemic will be the hardest part for most. For those flying solo and training on their own make sure each morning you wake up with a purpose. Set an alarm, stay in a routine and have an activity planned every day. Your activity levels are naturally going to be lower especially if you have an active job so even if it’s a rest day with your training, go for a walk. Your step count makes a difference to your hormone production/levels and calorie burn, don’t under value how much it matters for you to just move. When motivations low, remember the whole world is going through this together. Stay focused, stay motivated and if you’re finding it particularly difficult - seek help.

Author: #MathewTurner