“Wine is meant to be fun. Not snobby, not stuffy, not scary.” This is Emma’s motto and this was the basis for creating Pique Nique, a fun and friendly wine appreciation class that caters to beginners and seasoned wine drinkers alike.   Delightful host Emma studies wine science while working in local winery Collector Wines. She creates a fun and relaxing environment to learn about wine while also offering insider industry knowledge. 

The evening begins with learning the fundamentals of wine tasting, covering fancy wine buzz words, to the different tasting notes in wine through to the wine making process. Quickly you will learn that this is no ordinary wine tasting but rather a fun way to discover all that wine appreciation has to offer.  After the introduction to the wine world is complete, things slow down and you're given the chance to taste an array of hand selected Canberra wines (with the exception of a bold Barossa) all accompanied with thoughtfully selected food pairings.  There has never been a better time to support local wineries and Emma’s class is the perfect opportunity to discover the variety of quality wines that Canberra has to offer.


Author: #DanielBlackmore